This PDF is for people who want to volunteer in their community as part of Bristol's response to coronavirus.

The city has come together and we've all seen good examples of community action, but it is important for all volunteers to know how to get started with coronavirus volunteering in a safe and responsible way, without risking their own mental or physical health or personal safety. 

Download the guide below to find out the do's and don'ts of community volunteering during coronavirus. 


Guidance on the basic requirements for all volunteer drivers and some specific things to remember depending on the kind of role.



Guidance on security of your organisation's premises and data during the coronavirus pandemic.


7 April, 2020


Bristol City Council has reaffirmed its support for those struggling to pay their council tax during the COVID-19 crisis.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the council already offered reductions to those who might be struggling due to financial difficulties.

Now the council is reassuring residents that it will extend this support to those finding it difficult to pay as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.


Advice on door-to-door contact for volunteers responding to Coronavirus.



Advice on maintaining good mental health and wellbeing for volunteers and volunteer coordinators.


A template Volunteer Role Description to adapt for your organisation or group.

This is designed to be used with a Volunteer Induction overview and a template Volunteer Agreement.


A Volunteer Agreement template to adapt for your organisation/group.

There's also a Volunteer Induction overview designed to be used with this Volunteer Agreement and a template Volunteer Role Description.



An overview of what should be included in a volunteer induction to adapt for your organisation or group.

There's also a template Volunteer Agreement and Volunteer Role Description for adpating to your group's specific roles.


3 April, 2020


A new community initiative has been launched that enables people to lend their cars to key workers and the voluntary sector during the COVID-19 crisis.

The initiative, known as Karshare, provides roadworthy, clean and insured vehicles that the voluntary sector can use free of charge to maintain essential services for the vulnerable.


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